Levando um papo with Anna Henrike Eymess

The author, Anne Heinrike Eymess, holding the her bilingual book 'A música do coro/corpo brasileiro’

On this episode of the podcast ‘Levando um papo’, we had a nice talk with Anna Henrike Eymess. She told us about her learning journey from the first greetings in Portuguese till the translation of her book ‘A música do coro/corpo brasileiro’, recently published in a bilingual edition German-Portuguese.

If you are also trying to learn Portuguese, Anna has some tips:

Have always an entertaining and smooth connection to the language.  [Publish on Twitter]


Don’t refrain from speaking just because you’re afraid of not speaking 100% right.[Publish on Twitter]

If you want to get in contact with the author, send her a message.

This post is originally in Portuguese. Click here to read it in full.