Portuguese for children

Here you can find information about classes, workshops, and creative activities in Portuguese for children (up class 6). Thus, we would like to promote and support the Portuguese language and the culture from Portuguese-speaking countries. The activities are targeted to Portuguese-speaking children as well as children with other mother tongues.

Foreign language for children

Meninas sentadas no chão com as pernas cruzadas, brincando de bate-mão.Children have a natural ability to learn languages. They learn in a playful and intuitive way. This applies also to foreign language learning.

They learn when they have fun and get in contact with the language without any pressure. The language contents should be relevant: themes and activities are based on their interests. We offer varied and enjoyable classes, covering songs, fairy tales, poems, role play and handicrafts.

Children of all ages can profit from this early promotion of foreign language and take part actively in a multiligual society.