A sweet sin

Caramel flavored ice cream cone

Spring is here… In a couple of days summer begins and with it a new ice cream season – temporada de sorvete. It might not be that warm, but ice cream tastes really good… no matter the season, right? Who doesn’t like this little sweet sin?


In Brazil

Although the temperature is clearly higher than in northern Europe, ice cream is most eaten in summer. For most Brazilians, ice cream is a typical summer dessert. In Brazil, the annual consumption of ice-cream is around 4 liters per capita. That’s definitely not much for a tropical country. The first ice cream parlor – sorveteria – was opened in 1834, in Rio de Janeiro. At that time, it was hard to store ice cream due to the temperatures. They had to sell it right after it was ready. Therefore there was a right time to enjoy an ice cream. The papers published the time when it would be sold.



Legend has it that Dom Pedro II – Emperor of Brazil – was crazy about Pitanga | Surinam cherry ice cream. Nowadays the favourite ice cream flavours  – sabores de sorvete – are a little bit different:

#1: Chocolate
#2: Vanilla
#3: Strawberry

Flavours from tropical fruits  – pitanga (Surinam cherry), graviola (soursop), cupuaçu, among other flavours – are easily found in North and Northeast Brazil. In other regions they are relatively unknown, but many ice cream manufactures have been trying to change this scenario and some of them managed to breakthrough in southern areas.


Same only different 

ice lolly – picolé
freezie|freeze pop – sacolé. The name varies a lot depending on the region: chupe-chupe, dim-dim, geladinho, or gelinho are some of the names.

Infographic with vocabulary about ice creams and popsiclesBy the way, in Portugal they call sorvete (ice cream) gelado.